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About Care Coordination.

When you need to navigate labs, imaging, and major procedures, Care Coordination is here to help you find lower cost, high quality providers.

Why we do it.

Healthcare is complicated, and navigating care when you need a procedure can add even more unnecessary stress and confusion. When you’re under that kind of stress already, it’s harder than ever to make a decision about where to access healthcare that is not fully informed.

That’s why eXp Agent Healthcare has created the Care Coordination program – to help members understand the care they’re paying for, and get to the care they need.

How it can help you.

Find next steps after getting an unfavorable diagnosis

Identify affordable options if you need labs, imaging, or surgery

See our recommended provider and have out of pocket costs waived

eXp Agent Healthcare is here for you.

The Care Coordination team is here to assist you with your labs, imaging, and major procedures.

In addition to providing you with a support team, finding your treatments through Care Coordination means your patient responsibility can be waived.

Although we can’t fix the broken healthcare system, we can make sure members know that they aren’t alone. Care Coordination is a supporter alongside you, helping you navigate this space and understand each step.

Use Care Coordination today.

Need help? Get in touch with us today – we’d be happy to help you get the care you deserve, with the peace of mind of knowing exactly what you’ll be paying.